YouTuber Made A Car But Twitter Called It The Most Stupid Invention. Why?


YouTuber Made A Car That Can Be Driven From Outside

YouTuber, Ace Milo is known for influencing interesting innovations to like a vehicle that gives the impression of a kid bicycle, the tumbling auto, and so on.

There are numerous individuals who have devoted their lives to changing their thoughts into the real world and continue developing new things. Notwithstanding, some of the time they think of such things that are outright of no utilization to the general public.


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Significantly more incredibly, he has now thought of an auto that can be driven from outside.




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Sounds odd, isn’t that right? Indeed, the auto was intended to provide a vehicle that has a rooftop best and it helps a family in voyaging together as well as spares them from rain, sunrays and so forth.


All things considered, we are certain of one thing that Master Milo’s development will be of no utilization for the basic open as it is unfeasible, has no insurance and puts the life of the voyager in danger. In any case, on the off chance that regardless you need to encounter something new and unique, you can go for a drive in Master Milo’s auto that has been named as Wipkar 2.0.



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Internet-based life is swirling with responses and has called it one of the most moronic innovations. Some of them have even scrutinized the requirement for making such an auto. Here are a few responses:


What is your conclusion with respect to this auto? Tell us your perspectives.

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