Young Pakistanis Started A Campaign For Pulwama Terror Attack


The Campaign Was Started On Facebook And Since Then It Went Viral

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The current situation between India and Pakistan is not so good. After Pulwama’s terror attack, there is anger in every Indian. Pakistanis made a silence on this attack and didn’t take any responsibility after Pakistan based terrorist organization Jaish-E-Mohammed claimed the attack on 14 February.

Yesterday, Pakistan PM Imran Khan also addressed and said that Pakistan would strike back if India tried to attack Pakistan. He asked the government to give evidence that they could take an action.

Indian showed protest everywhere. Pakistani artists are banned from the Indian film industry. The government increased the customs duty to 200 percent on Pakistani products. In between this tension and Pakistan’s very dull response on Pulwama, few young Pakistanis started a noble thing on social media with a campaign where they condemned the Pulwama terror attack.

An Indo-Pak activist and a journalist shared a picture with holding a placard which reads, “I am Pakistani and I condemn Pulwama terrorist attack”.

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Young Pakistanis Started A Campaign For Pulwama Terror Attack
Source: Facebook

Her words clearly state that she opposes terrorism and she doesn’t stand with what the Pakistan government thinks. The campaign was started on Facebook and since then it went viral.

Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar also shared the pictures of some young Pakistanis and thanked them to show support on Pulwama attack.

Hats off to these Pakistani women who stood up for the right thing. Terrorism is worse, doesn’t matter who is the victimized in it. It happens in anywhere means it can happen to everyone. Pakistan government should speak on it.

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