Check Out This WhatsApp-Themed Wedding Invitation!


A Couple Gave Out WhatsApp-Themed Wedding Cards

The tradition of having a normal wedding card has gone. Hasn’t it? People have started doing different things at their weddings too. Check out this wedding card and take an idea for your own marriage!

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A Gujarati couple named Arzoo and Chintan tried something really creative. They came up with a really different idea for their wedding card. Guess what? A WhatsApp card!

The groom is a web designer by profession and he is the one who designed this four-page invitation card. The duo is will tie the knot in February.

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“You are obligated to attend our wedding else you will be blocked on WhatsApp,” was theirr WhatsApp status printed on the card, as per ANI.

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The card is green in colour and has a profile picture of the couple on the cover page. The difference is that instead of the WhatsApp logo, a picture of Lord Ganesha is printed.

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It took a week for Chintan to design this card but he finally did it. And he did it good. Didn’t he?

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