US Blogger Trolled For Calling India Poor After Losing iPhone In Jaipur


US Blogger Collen Lost Her iPhone X And Hits Out On Indians They Can’t Afford iPhone

India is the tourism hub and tourists come here in large number to explore the culture and tradition of this beautiful country. Sometimes travelers face a bad experience of losing their money and important things during the trip. The same incident happened with a US blogger.

A US Blogger name Colleen was traveling in India on new year and lost her iPhone in Jaipur. She later lashed out at Indians on social media. 

She is a yoga instructor and lost her 5 months old iPhone in Jaipur. She has written a long caption on the photo which she took in City Palace Jaipur. She hits put on the hospitality in city. She said Indian are too poor to afford iPhone. 

“I felt kind of hopeless. That cell-phone is worth more than the money than some people in this country will have their whole lifetime. Miraculously the person that found the phone also had an iPhone X. Now that is another miracle in itself because hardly anyone in this country has an iPhone period.” She said in the caption of her Instagram post which has been deleted now. 

Her post went viral and she get trolled by her racist comments on Indians. Later, she deleted her post from Instagram. 

Later, she apologised on her blog.

“I am sorry that my words did not give clarity to the intentions in sharing my story. I had no intentions to belittle the Indian culture.”

Colleen, The Blogger

I’m sorry my words were perceived in a way that were so far from my true feelings about this country and the people in it. In the future, I will be more aware of my language and how my words are perceived.” She said in the apology note.

See, how netizens respond on Colleen when she said that poor people can’t afford iPhones.


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