The Accidental Prime Minister Faced Agitation In Kolkata By Congress


Congress Supporters Tried To Stop The Screening In Central And South Kolkata

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After too many controversies The Accidental Prime Minister finally released yesterday but the outrage is not stopping even after the release. The film was released in Kolkata and Congress supporters stopped the film screenings of The Accidental Prime Minister at one of the city theatres. 

Film already faced too much flak from Congress workers from everywhere. The film is based on Sanjaya Baru’s book with the same name who shows the inner side of Congress party. Film released in the election time and the party considered it as the propoganda film. 

CM Mamta Banerjee also slammed the movie and asked filmmakers to make a film titled the disastrous Prime Minister. She took a dig on the government.

“I don’t belong to the Congress, but this is wrong. They have suddenly released a movie called Accidental Prime Minister before the Lok Sabha polls. What does that mean?” 

CM Mamta Banerjee

Congress supporters gathered in front of the Hind cinema since morning. They shouted and demanded to stop the screening. Police controlled the Congress workers. They also burned the effigy of PM Modi at the entry gate of the cinema hall. They did something bad in the multiplex which was also tweeted by Anupam Kher who is the playing Manmohan singh in this film.

Other Congress Supports tried to stop the screening in South Kolkata’s Indira Cinema.

“Primarily they demanded that the screening should be stopped and posters have to be removed. Later they demanded that the we cannot charge for the tickets. We sought police help and there was no trouble during the screening,” 

Biswajit Pal, manager of Indira Cinema

The behavior of Congress supporters is not acceptable. Outrage is different part the way they did, it something hurts to the makers.

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