Swiggy Picks Food From Rajasthan To Deliver In Chennai!


Swiggy Replied, We’ll Fly To The Moon And Back For Our Customers

Source: Google

Food delivery services face something that becomes part of the hilarious or sarcastic trend. We see that sometimes these delivery apps send the incorrect order or delayed as well. In the recent story, a consumer ordered food from Swiggy and the food service delivered the order from Rajasthan to Chennai. Well, it looks funny but it happened in real.

A Twitter user Bhargav Rajan who ordered food from Swiggy shared a picture showing that a that a consumer ordered food from a restaurant in Chennai but Swiggy showed on the map that it is ordered from an eatery in Rajasthan.

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Later, Swiggy commented on the post and said, “We’ll fly to the moon and back for our customers!”

Well, the incident is a bit funny and one of the Google Map glitches. The customer care service also responded humorously.

So it is more surprising than recently happened Zomato’s service where a video caught eating the food of the customer. Swiggy’s incident is just a glitch from Google Maps and we all know that it happens sometimes.

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