Supreme Court Of Pakistan Banned Indian TV Shows


According To Pakistan SC, Indian TV Shows Damages Our Culture

Pakistan SC
Supreme Court Of Pakistan
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Pakistan Supreme Court takes a big call on Indian TV contents on Wednesday. SC will now not allow Indian shows on Pakistani TV channels. Chief Justice Saqib Nisar says Indian shows damages our culture. 

An appeal was filed by PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory) against the high court decision to van Indian content on TV channels. Foreign content has already banned on TV. 

Earlier Indian Broadcaster also once banned Pakistani content due to the political pressure. The relation between both countries is not well. Pakistani artists are also not allowed in India at once when the situations were not well.

Lahore High Court lifted PEMRA imposed ban in 2017 and in October 2018, SC reinstated the ban. 

“We will not allow Indian content to be aired on (Pakistani) channels. It is, however, damaging our culture.”

Chief Justice, Pakistan Supreme Court

The hearing has been adjourned till February’s first week because of the absence of Pak Broadcasters Association’s counsel Faisal Siddiqui. 

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