Sonu Nigam Wished That If He Was From Pakistan Then India Will Respect His Work


Sonu Nigam claims that the nation isn’t regarding homegrown ability enough and says he would have gotten more work in India on the off chance that he was from Pakistan.

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That Sonu Nigam isn’t excessively content with the present Bollywood music scene is regular learning. Having gone through more than two decades in the business, the artist has, on numerous occasions, got out issues with the status of vocalists and nature of music. What’s more, now, he has put forth another expression toward that path.

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At the Agenda Aaj Tak summit, he took a poke at the fame of Pakistani vocalists in India. “Here and there, I feel as though it would have been exceptional in the event that I were from Pakistan. At any rate I would get offers from India,” he said.

sonu nigam
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The vocalist proceeded to make a correlation between the treatment distributed to Indian and Pakistani artists, guaranteeing that the previous are being compelled to pay to perform at shows. “These days, artists need to pay music organizations for shows. In the event that we don’t spend the cash, they will play tunes sung by different artists and feature them. At that point, they will take cash from them,” he asserted.

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Notwithstanding, he uncovered that things are diverse with Pakistani vocalists. 

“Why single out Indian vocalists? They don’t do likewise with Pakistani artists. Atif Aslam is a dear companion of mine. He is never requested to pay to sing at shows, nor is Rahat Fateh Ali Khan,” he said.

sonu nigam
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Sonu faulted this for the expanding number of remixes these days. “Prior, arrangers, lyricists and artists made a tune. Presently, music organizations have assumed control over that activity,” he said.

With regards to considering a spade a spade, Sonu isn’t one to mince words. A year ago, the vocalist had lighted an across the nation banter subsequent to requesting restriction on the utilization of amplifiers at religious spots. The contention prompted him shaving off his head and additionally stopping Twitter.

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