8 Sons Of Popular Bollywood Villains You Don’t Know


These Villains Are Very Popular And Few Of Their Sons Are Part Of The Industry

We don’t know too much about the villains of Bollywood films. Some characters were so famous and few have done so many roles as a villain that we remembered them as villains. But what about their sons? 

Let’s take a look at these 8 Father-Son duos of Bollywood’s famous villains: 

1. Adam Bedi-Kabir Bedi 

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Kabir Bedi is a very famous villain specially in the 90s. Everybody remember him in Khoon Bhari Maang. He married four times. He has a son named Adam Bedi from his marriage with Susan Humphreys. Adam is an international model and we saw him in Hello? Kaun Hai! 

2. Dhruv Tahil – Dalip Tahil 

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Dalip Tahil is very renowned villain. He played father in various film and did a villain role. We all have seen him in Raja, Ishq and Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. His son Dhruv Tahil is an actor. 

3. Shaadab Khan – Amjad Khan 

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When we talk about Indian Cinema, Amjad Khan is always a memorable villain. He played his role of lifetime in Sholay. His son Shaadab Khan was seen opposite Rani Mukherjee in ‘Raja Ki Aayegi Barat’. 

4. Sanjay Grover – Gulshan Grover 

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Who can forget Gulshan Grover who has done various villain roles in Bollywood. His versatile acting in 90s films is so fresh and real. He is called as Bad Man. His son Sanjay Grover is a director and working on his projects. 

5. Siddhant Kapoor – Shakti Kapoor 

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Shakti Kapoor is a very famous villain in Bollywood. He has been seen with Govinda in several films. His son Siddhant Kapoor was also seen playing Dawood Ibrahim in Hassena Parker. 

6. Rinzing Denzongpa – Danny Denzongpa 

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Danny is the finest actor and the famous villain of his times. We remember his role as Kaaliya in Ghatak starring Sunny Deol. His son Rinzing is still waiting for the break. 

7. Rohit Shetty – MB Shetty 

MB Shetty was an action choreographer and has done several films. His son Rohit Shetty is a popular director of Bollywood. We have seen actions in all films. 

8. Vivek Oberoi – Suresh Oberoi 

Suresh Oberoi was the prominent villain in Bollywood. He has done various films as a villain like Namak Halal, Mirch Masala. His son Vivek Oberoi is a great actor and done villain roles many times. 

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