New Nike Grass Shoes Are The Best Shoe OF The Year


Shoes with Grass on it is the new unique idea in the market launched by nike. But it is real grass or fake??

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On the off chance that you like the possibility of your shoes taking after an undeniable fairway, the benevolent where when you enter a green your shoes vanish in the huge grounds of newly developed fresh grass edges like a chameleon, at that point this match is made only for you.

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The Nike Air Max 1 is a grass-secured shoe with bands that coordinate the grass. A coating of astroturf covers the shoe surface completely. On the sides, you’ll discover the monogrammed Nike logo in white.

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Underneath sits a Zoom Air padded sole and a gum elastic outsole with golf-prepared footing. In this way, whenever, you need to parade cool tennis shoes that vanish in the golf field, you wear these.

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In any case, jokes aside, in all trustworthiness, with all the earth that sticks to golf shoes, you would prefer not to take them to the fairway.

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The dispatch date isn’t affirmed yet, yet the shoes are supposed to dispatch soon with the retail cost of $140 which adds up to rupees 9,915 approx. Presently that is a decent arrangement for a shoe that is now standing out as truly newsworthy and takes into account your peaceful advantages.

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