Shahid Kapoor And Ishaan Khatter Show Brotherhood; Koffee With Karan 6


Shahid Kapoor And Ishaan Khatter Come As Guests On Koffee With Karan 6

Shahid Kapoor
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In the latest episode of Koffee With Karan, the siblings Shahid Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter graced the show with their presence. This was Ishaan’s debut on the couch.

The host Karan Johar asked about a lot of secrets to the brothers, from Shahid’s ex-girlfriend as well as Ishaan’s relationship with Jahnvi Kapoor. They had a chit chat time about their personal as well as professional lives.

Initially, Shahid expressed how proud is he to be on the show with his half brother Ishaan, even more than he is at his movie’s screenings.
When asked their modern family and how they are a happy family despite their parents’ separation and second marriages, Shahid said,

“When my mom got married for the second time she was pretty clear she didn’t want a second baby because she felt like, you know, it was pretty late, she got married in her early 30s. I kept pestering her saying that it is not fair, I deserve a sibling. And she literally had Ishaan for me. I begged her for two or three years. And finally, she gave in and said ‘Alright, I am gonna have one.” 

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Shahid Kapoor

“I think eventually it is about love, it is about togetherness, it is about forgiving, it’s about learning to move on and it’s about learning to prioritize the fact that you eventually have to be together,” he added.

Karan talked to Shahid about his relationship with the ‘Padmavat’ team.
“My relationship status with most of the industry is zilch. Honestly, Deepika, Ranveer and Sanjay sir never became a part of my friend circle as such. I think it was more a professional thing. And it’s not the status was different and it’s changed in any manner. We connected when we were working and now we don’t have any connection.” 

They also had a conversation about Shahid’s exes Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor. He told that he has bumped into Kareena on several occasions and Priyanka and Shahid even wished each other on their respective marriages. During the rapid fire round, he said Kareena was more talented of the two while Priyanka was the hard worker.

Shahid Kapoor

In Ishaan’s case, it was all about Jahnvi Kapoor! When Karan questioned him whether he was dating Jahnvi or not, he said that we just like to hang out together, watch movies, eat food and listen to South Indian songs. Shahid backed up his brother and said that he ‘buzzes around a lot of people’ and that Janhvi shouldn’t feel special about it.

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While playing the Koffee shots game, Shahid Kapoor said that he made a Tinder account once but got scared later on and dropped the idea. Ishaan confessed that he has dated someone ‘45% older’ than him, while Shahid absolutely denied about dating an older woman.

Interestingly, his marriage advice to Ranveer was ‘To love Deepika as much as Rana Rawal Ratan Singh loved Padmavati’ and to Nick Jonas, “Never back down, you are with the original Desi Girl.”

A lot of other secrets spilled out on the show like Ishaan revealing that Deepika Padukone is his celebrity crush. He also said that he found ‘Badhai Ho’ overrated. When asked for one Bollywood stereotype that is true, Shahid replied ‘nepotism’. “Nepotism I guess yeah, is a menace and it’s out there and it’s a reality,” he said.

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