Humanity Ends Everywhere: One More Case Of Sexual Harassment In Bhopal


I am glad for the excellence and the antiquated culture of my nation, India. I am not glad for the way that India has been named the most hazardous nation on the planet for ladies in an ongoing Thomson Reuters Foundation study.

Discernments matter. Recognitions direct who we like, the end result for the share trading system and who turns into the head administrator or leader of a nation. The impression of how ladies ought to be dealt with make an assault culture.

23-Year-Old Woman Dragged By Hair

A 23-year-old understudy was killed visible to everyone in Madhya Pradesh on Monday by a man she had blamed for sexually harras her and who was influencing her to drop the case.


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The young lady was en route to school in Seoni, around 370 km from capital Bhopal when she was hauled by her hair by the charged man, Anil Mishra. He at that point crushed her head with a stone.

Mishra professedly needed her to drop her inappropriate behaviour objection against him. Both lived in a similar town.


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The horrendous open murdering occurred around twelve, near the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Government Girls College, where the lady considered.




Anil Mishra, 38, was looking out for his bicycle. On recognizing her, he hauled her to the roadside, pushed her to the ground and crushed her head with a major stone lying adjacent, said cop Arvind Jain.


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India is willfully ignorant of the way that a larger part of its ladies don’t feel safe alone in the city, at work, in business sectors, or at home, despite the fact that they have figured out how to adapt to this existential nervousness. When I asked youthful taught ladies in Delhi in the event that they feel sheltered, most said no.



India – and whatever is left of the world – would do well to make ladies’ wellbeing and opportunity focal objectives of vote based system and advancement, and find out about the study of social change.


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