Kader Khan’s Son Sarfaraz Hits Out On Govinda And The Industry


Sarfaraz Said That His Father Loved The Most Amitabh Bachchan

Sarfaraz khan hits on Govinda
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Bollywood’s veteran actor and dialogue writer Kader Khan passed away on new year. whole Industry and PM Modi expressed the sadness on Kader Khan’s demise. After his death, his son Sarfaraz Khan hits on industry for the ignorance towards his father.

Kader Khan was living in Toronto with son and daughter in law from last 2-3 years. Kader Khan was completely dis-appeared from the industry.

“My father always told us, his sons, not to expect anything from anybody and we grew up with the belief that one must do what is required in life and expect nothing in return.” said Sarfaraz Khan

Kader Khan worked with David Dhawan and Govinda a lot in 90s. After knowing the news of Kader Khan’s demise, Govinda said that he was a father figure to him. Sarfaraz hits on Govinda with the allegations that Govinda even didn’t call him after knowing the news of his father’s death. He even didn’t call him during his bad time and when his father was in the hospital.

“Please ask Govinda how many times he inquired about his father figure’s health. Has he even bothered to call us even once after my father’s passing away? This is the way our film industry has become.”

Sarfaraz Khan, Son of Kader Khan

Sarfaraz made allegations on the industry that nobody even called him when he migrated to Canada and his health get worsed.

Sarfaraz Khan spoke on Amitabh Bachchan that his father loved the most Bachchan Saheb.

Sarfaraz Khan said, “There are so many people in the film industry whom my father was close to. But the one person that my father loved the most was Bachchan saab. I’d ask my father whom he missed the most from the film industry and the answer promptly would be Bachchan Saab. And I know the love was mutual.”

Sarfaraz targeted whole industry for their behaviour to those who made Indian Cinema proud.

“It is the way the Indian film industry has become now. There are too many fragmented camps and loyalties. The out-of-sight-out-of-mind mentality can’t be helped.”

Sarfaraz Khan, Son of Kader Khan

Will any Bollywood personality respond on it? The story is very pathetic and makes a remark on the behaviour of our film industry. This is not the story of Kader Khan. There are many film personalities who have died like this.

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