Rohit Shetty To Make Female Cop Film To Complete Cop Films Universe


Rohit Shetty Is Currently Working On Sooryavanshi With Akshay Kumar

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Simmba director Rohit Shetty is looking for a female cop film to complete his Singham universe. Last year, Simmba was a bug success and director decided to start a universe on cop based films. 

Rohit Shetty is currently working on Sooryavanshi with Akshay Kumar. When he gets a question regarding the female cop film, Rohit Shetty answers, “Soon we will be making it. We have a story in mind. We will definitely do it. We need to take a year or so, but we plan to do that to complete the universe.”

The director was speaking at a special session at the FICCI Frames 2019.

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Source: Google

Rohit said that he got the idea to start a universe from Hollywood superhero projects like Avengers.

“Whatever happens in Hollywood, happens here 10 years down the line. That’s always been the theory. When I was watching the ‘Avengers’ series, I got an idea that ‘why don’t we create a universe?’ Obviously, we don’t have the kind of budget to make so many superhero films year after year. Then I thought to make a cop universe from Simmba onwards,” said Rohit Shetty. 

He also added, “I was a bit scared before the release because this was happening for the first time in our country. I knew that youngsters and kids will (understand), because they have Avengers, but our mature audience hasn’t seen that. I had doubts merging two worlds but it worked big time.”

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