Reliance Jio Is Blocking VPN Websites In India


Except For Jio, Other Networks Like Airtel and Vodafone are Opening VPN Websites

reliance jio
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Reliance Jio is one of India’s fastest and largest mobile network. Jio is blocking proxy and VPN websites so Internet users are not happy with them. Users can not access any content or file if they use VPN services. 

We saw some complaints that Jio is only a telecom operator and how they can block a website. India is favouring the net neutrality in the world then why we can expect this from a telecom operator.

Internet Freedom Foundation shared their opinion on Jio’s efforts for banning the websites. 

VPN websites are opening on other network but when we open it by Reliance network, it shows “You are not authorised to access this web page as per the dot compliance.” 

This is not the first time when a telecom operator blocked VPN or proxy websites. Airtel has done before during net neutrality’s discussion. 

Jio is India’s largest telecom operator with having 263 Million subscribers. Now it’s Jio’s call that they look into this matter or not. Proxy and VPN website contains porn websites more and we all know that government banned some porn websites before. Users use these websites by changing the IP address. Reliance have completely banned the VPN services. 

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