Here Is What Ravi Shastri Said After India lost the Test Match In England.


India has lost the Test Match in England, however, mentor Ravi Shastri demands that the present part is voyaging superior to the groups of the last 15-20 years. India lost by 62 keeps running in the fourth Test at Southampton to go 1-3 down in the five-coordinate match.


Ravi Shastri
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“As hard as our guys attempted, England was one-up on us there. Nothing to take away (from them), the undertaking of this group is to move well, contend and win. On the off chance that you take a gander at the most recent three years, we have won nine matches abroad and three arrangement (against West Indies and twice in Sri Lanka). I can’t perceive some other Indian group in the last 15-20 years that have had a similar kept running in such a brief timeframe, and you have had some extraordinary players playing in those arrangements. So the guarantee is there, and it’s just about getting harder rationally.”

  -Ravi Shastri


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“You must hurt when you lose matches since that is the point at which you search inside and turn out with the correct sort of answers to battle such circumstances and move beyond the end goal. One day you will on the off chance that you accept said Shastri


The head mentor underlined the need to become rationally harder with a specific end goal to cross the end goal and win Test arrangement in abroad conditions, something Virat Kohli had worried on after the misfortune at Southampton.


“I think you must get extreme rationally. We have run groups close abroad and we have contended. Be that as it may, now it’s not tied in with contending (anymore). We need to win diversions from here onwards. Presently the undertaking is to comprehend where you committed the errors, take it head on and attempt to redress it.”

 -Ravi Shastri


“The scoreline says 3-1, which implies India, have lost the arrangement. What the scoreline doesn’t state that India could have been 3-1 or it could have been 2-2, and my group knows it. They would have been harmed and properly so after the last amusement. In any case, this is a group that won’t quit,” he said in front of the fifth and last Test beginning here on Friday.


Discussing what the batsmen can do to enhance and cross the end goal, he stated, “I think shot choice left a considerable measure to be wanted. We overwhelmed a decent position straight away after Tea on day two (in Southampton). That is a zone where you can fix, and know about what the group needs. Monitoring the match circumstance will be a major help. I imagine that was vital more than whatever else.”



“I thought at 180-4, there was an unequivocal possibility of a 75-80-run lead, and that would have been significant. With the goal that damages. Edgbaston could have gone whichever way since we had our offer of fortunes too. At one time England was in the driver’s seat – we figured out how to return. In any case, there was where you could have been extremely on the ball after the activity the bowlers did on the very first moment.”



Shastri said that Moeen Ali was the key distinction between the opposite sides, and he knocked down some pins superior to Ravichandran Ashwin, hitting the unpleasant fixes more than the Indian off-spinner. While it looks progressively likely that Ashwin will pass up the fifth Test, the mentor said that the spinner was completely fit when picked in the fourth Test and that Ali just knocked down some pins better.


“Ashwin was fit. You need to offer credit to Moeen Ali there on the most recent day. To be completely forthright, he knocked down some pins gloriously. I believe it’s direct (the contrast between them) extremely basic, exceptionally self-evident, it was there for anyone’s viewing pleasure. Moeen hit those patches more than Ashwin, as basic as that.”

  -Ravi Shastri


He additionally complimented Cheteshwar Pujara for his first innings hundred and said that while conditions have been extreme for batsmen, they have to figure out how to remain in the center.


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“You clearly require the best request to give you a beginner yet in the event that you take a gander at the two sides it’s not been simple for the best request. The knocking down some pins has been great, great, and it’s been a test and it is the manner by which you conquer that test.


“In the overall circumstance, the sort of pitches we’re playing on, the measure of development there is with the Dukes ball – it’s trying for the batsmen. It’s not simply us; even batsmen from the opposite side have battled. When you are set, you have to underwrite.”

 -Ravi Shastri


Discussing Pujara’s thump, he stated: “Pujara’s was a totally khadoos (stubbor/strict) innings.”



At the point when gotten some information about Hardik Pandya’s capacity to bat number six, and the requirement for adaptability in the playing assault, the mentor answered, When you’re youthful, you must be tossed into the profound end. You must drive forward and check whether it works or it doesn’t work. In the event that it doesn’t work, there’ll be another choice.


“Yet, you need to give that open door when you think there is that ability there. Also, stay with that. You generally must be adaptable. You can’t be unbending in your reasoning. You must be adaptable, you must see the conditions, see what conditions will resemble the day after tomorrow. And after that accept the call (on playing four bowlers).


India will play for pride in the fifth Test, which will likewise be Alastair Cook’s last Test. Shastri paid a rich tribute to the previous England captain who appeared against India at Nagpur in 2006.


“I saw his first Test coordinate, saw him getting a hundred in Nagpur. He’s been one of England’s most prominent cricketers – no inquiry. He generally went over a rationally intense bloke, genuine extreme treat. To the extent I am worried, there were times in his profession when he batted where he looked the ace gourmet expert.”

– Ravi Shastri


“He probably won’t go down as extraordinary compared to other looking, familiar batsmen, yet my statement he was powerful. Playing in these conditions for that time allotment, where the ball does move and it’s a test for an opening batsman – I believe he’s been basically exceptional. Good fortunes to him (for the future),” Shastri closed down.


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