Rangoli Shared The Screenshot of Kangana And Manikarnika Writer’s Chat


Rangoli Hits On Director Krish For Attempting To Malign Kangana Ranaut’s Image

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Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi was released on 25 January and the film is doing very well. In first 5 days, the film crossed Rs 50 crores at the box office. The film also faced the controversy when the co-director of the film Krish said that Kangana used his power in the wrong way and tried to change the scenes which he directed earlier. Krish also talked about the film credits and Sonu Sood’s withdrawal from the film. 

 “I was there for 400 days and the film was finished, that’s where I got really hurt. And everywhere media persons ask me why did you leave. What is she talking about? We started the film, shot the film, now it’s hurting me actually.” 

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Now, Kangana’s sister Rangoli Chandel who had earlier tweeted about Krish’s statements has released screenshots of Kangana’s WhatsApp messages. Kangana’s WhatsApp message was delivered to writer Vijayendra Prasad discussing Krish’s statements against her.

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In the screenshot, Kangana made the explanation on why she is upset with Krish and his work after Krish’s withdrawal from the film mid-way. She also added that she fought for film’s co-director Krish as she didn’t want any negative PR for the film. She also discussed Vijayendra Prasad to speak to Krish that he should not hide like a coward. 

Rangoli hits on the director Krish for attempting to malign Kangana Ranaut’s image. Will Krish respond on it? The whole controversy is staking the new turn every day. 

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