Congress Head Rahul Gandhi Targets BJP Again On Rafale Deal


Rahul Gandhi Conducted A Press Conference on Rafale After Parliament Session

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi in press conference
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Rafale Deal was the highlighting topic in the year of 2018 in Indian politics. Congress made allegations of scam in Rafale deal on government and Supreme Court clearls the allegations on BJP in December with a verdict.

The topic was again discussed in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday. The Lok Sabha was adjourned for the day but the debate was continued.

The Finance Minister, Arun Jaitely hits on Congress Head by saying that Grand Old Party is today headed by a gentleman who doesn’t even understand what a combat aircraft is. See, what he said in Lok Sabha.

Rahul Gandhi has done a press conference later in the day and dared PM to do a debate on Rafale deal. 

Rahul Gandhi targets Jaitely on his statements saying “They keep asking where does Congress get the Rs 1600 crore per aircraft figure, let me tell you from where. Jaitley ji in his speech in Parliament had said the deal is Rs 58000 crore, so divide this by 36, what figure do you get? Rs 1600 crore.”

“One thing I found very surprising and interesting in his interview yesterday was that the PM said, the allegation is not against me. What world is the PM living in?”

Congress President, Rahul Gandhi

Congress Head didn’t stop here and mentioned the topic of the audio tape where Goa Health Minister is heard saying that Manohar Parrikar had stored files on the Rafale deal in his bedroom. “I asked the Lok Sabha speaker if I can play the tape but the speaker refused to allow me to play it, so there was no question of authenticity of the tape there.” Rahul Gandhi said. 

Manohar Parrikar later tweeted on the allegations in Audio tape.

Rahul Gandhi took to social media to ask questions to BJP on Rafale deal. 

Will BJP responds on it with the suitable answer or they have the copy of verdict to answer enough?

Lok Sabha election is just around the corner and both parties don’t want to miss single opportunity to target each other.

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