PUBG Mobile Might Launch A New Zombie Mode Soon!


A New Zombie Feature Might Be Added To The Game

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The storm of the online game ‘PUBG’ has taken a lot of people with it. Don’t you think? However, we know it, you know it. The game is so real and fun. Now, Tencent has taken this to another level. There are speculations that a new feature may be added to the game really soon. It’s not a weather or a festival change mode. It’s a Zombie feature this time! Yes, you read it right. 


What you see up here is a screenshot from the game showing dead zombies in the military base, Erangel Map. A lot of people discovered  other signs too. Some users found puddle of black goo in the houses of the same map, which according to them is the zombie blood.

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 In December, a Tencent PUBG Mobile Star Challenge took place in Dubai. The company announced at that time that they will partner with RE_Games for their upcoming Resident Evil franchise remake.

It was tweeted on the official Twitter page of PUBG Mobile: 

The news is still not official. However, one thing is confirmed that there will be Resident Evil themed merchandise like outfits and weapons. The point to see is that the Zombie feature will be a different map or just an add-on like the Halloween one.

The update is expected to hit anytime after January 18, so gear up. I am really desperate to get the update soon. Are you? 

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