Mosque In Kerala Offers Shelter To Hindus.


Kerala Floods Removes Caste Barriers:

Kerala surges may have slaughtered hundreds and dislodged lakhs of individuals however they have additionally washed away rank hindrances and segregation. A mosque in the surge attacked state opened its ways to give the safe house to Hindus, who were stuck in surges.



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Jama Masjid in northern Malappuram, which is one of the most exceedingly terrible influenced areas is observing Eid this year in the most assorted way imaginable. The mosque has given haven to 17 uprooted Hindu families including ladies, youngsters and the elderly.

Chaliyar town panchayat boss P T Usman, told PTI, “There were 26 families who had looked for asylum in the mosque, a lion’s share of the Hindus. In spite of the fact that we opened the help camp at the mosque on August 8, the exercises began going all out simply after August 14, following a progression of avalanches that shook the region.”




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The casualties were offered space to rest, legitimate sustenance from the bottle comprising of rice, beats and other basic materials. Numerous families later returned home since water had subsided from their homes. They participated in Bakrid today, after which they cleared out for their separate homes.

Retreating surge waters has left rescuers with a horrid undertaking of chasing for bodies. The loss of life has now come to more than 400. The dread of the episode of an infection poses a potential threat.



Money related help and gifts have travelled to the state from everywhere throughout the world.


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