Man Called Police After Wife Refused To Pay Bill In Restaurant


When The Police Reached The Restaurant, They Were Completely Surprised By The Reason

Source: Google

Couple fight but this is not the big stuff. Every couple does that and they manage it in their own way. Fight and love are the parts of every relation. Sometimes, the couple loses the control in their fight and show their level of frustration. 

We saw a bizarre incident in Australia where a man called the Police in Sydney and the reason is not just hilarious but surprising. They were having dinner in a Chinese restaurant and his wife refused to pay the bill. 

Source: Google

This thing pissed off the husband on the high note and he dialed the emergency number to Police. 

When the Police reached the restaurant, they were completely surprised by the reason. The Police warned the man never to dial an emergency number for such kinds of matters. 

“Police are unsure of who eventually paid for the remainder of the succulent Chinese meal,” North Shore Police Area Command said in a statement.

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