Kerala Flood Dairies: Largest Floating Solar Power Plant To Start In Kerala At Banasura Sagar Dam


Nation’s Largest Floating Solar Plant  At Banasura Sagar Dam

In a home-developed building example of overcoming adversity in the midst of the surge attack, one of the biggest skimming sun oriented power plants in the nation at Banasura Sagar dam in Wayanad has figured out how to survive the extraordinary conditions in the repository amid a month ago’s substantial downpours.


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Banasura Sagar
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KSEB authorities said that however they expected that the 500 kW (kilowatt crest) venture drifting on 1.25 sections of land of the water surface of the store could get submerged because of the nearness of solid waves in the supply, the structure has held fast and kept on generating power.

“We had genuine worry about the gliding sun-powered plant as the waves were as high as 40-50cm, particularly on August 8 and 9. Be that as it may, the gliding structures have withstood the rage,” said P Manoharan, right-hand official designer (research and dam wellbeing sub-division) at Banasura Sagar.

Authorities of Thiruvananthapuram-based Adtech Systems Ltd, which had actualized the undertaking, said that however, the water level varieties in the supply were over the outline parameters of the plant, the mooring frameworks guaranteed that the ferrocement drifts and the sun based boards introduced over it were unblemished.



“The venture was intended to withstand the water level variety of up to 20 meters amongst summer and storm in the repository. In any case, with the overwhelming inflow of water to the repository, the variety level was up by around four feet over the plan parameters. In any case, the framework withstood the serious conditions,” said Adtech Systems director M R Narayanan.


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He ascribed it to the inventive outline alongside the strong securing framework which had eight solid stays measuring ten tons at the base of the repository bed.

Narayanan said that the licensed ferrocement innovation utilized for the buoys additionally defeated the substantial breeze and the waves in the supply.

“We are currently intending to give them a shot in the islands, particularly close Lakshadweep and the Andaman Islands which are for the most part depending on exorbitant diesel created control as the outline has demonstrated it can withstand serious conditions, even in ocean surface,” he included



The KSEB’s coasting sun based plant at Banasura was the biggest drifting sunlight based power plant in the nation until August 23 when the 2MW skimming sun oriented venture appointed in Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh uprooted it.

The Banasura Sagar repository had been in full store level from July 15 onwards and KSEB needed to raise all the four shades of the dam to record level of 290cm on August 9 following substantial inflow to the earthen dam, causing flooding in numerous downstream zones.


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