After Salmaan Khan, Karan Johar Celebrity Whose Look-Alike Found In Pakistan


Karan Johar’s Look-Alike Found In Pakistan

We have been told commonly that we are one of a kind and there is nobody who resembles us so we ought not to contrast us and anybody. In any case, in actuality note, we are likewise informed that there are seven individuals in this world who seem as though us, if not totally then in part.


karan johar
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The Indian motion picture chief and maker Karan Johar has likewise run over his doppelganger on the small scale blogging website Twitter


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The twin of Karan Johar is known as Usman Khan and he is said to be from Pakistan. Usman imparted his photograph to screen captures of Whatsapp messages in which other individuals are calling him to resemble the other alike of Karan Johar.

Usman tweeted a pic of himself and asked Karan Johar, “Individuals say I do look like @karanjohar. Is it???😂❤️😀”

Look at the photograph:


karan johar
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Read The Tweet:



At the point when the movie producer saw the tweet from Usman Khan and discovered that he sees alike, he was astonished as it were.

He retweeted it with the subtitle,


“Few tweets abandon me confused… .this is one of them… .”





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Usman likewise shared screen captures of WhatsApp messages in which individuals revealed to him that he looks like Karan Johar:



karan johar
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karan johar
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karan johar
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He tweeted the screenshots with a caption, “Look people say that”




Indeed, positively this similarity is uncanny and there’s no big surprise that it has left Karan Johar puzzled. What do you say?


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