iPhone Sales Dip Down; CEO Tim Cook Blames Users


CEO Tim Cook Condemns Users For Not Upgrading Themselves

Tim Cook
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iPhone sales are going down and the CEO Tim Cook says that it is because the users are not upgrading themselves. Moreover, Apple users have not been fully loyal to the brand. Recently, according to a report, 16% sales went down because the iPhone users switched to Android.

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook thinks that the decreasing sales of iPhones is the fault of its users as they are not switching to the newer and updated models.

According to Apple, ‘If you don’t own the latest model of iPhone, you might as well use an android phone’. 

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Tim Cook
Image Source: Google

However, they got caught in their own trap a few months back. It was disclosed that they allegedly, deliberately slow down the phones so that people switch to newer models. 

Apple gave an explanation for this saying, “It was to avoid unexpected shutdowns”. Although, no one believed it. Instead, they bought the cheaper batteries that were offered at a cheaper price for redemption. The company offered battery replacements at a discounted cost for anyone using iPhone 6 and the versions released later. For one year. 

The customers are satisfied and happy with what they have, but it surely has affected the iPhone sales as it is going down day by day.

According to reports, Apple revenues for the first quarter have been lowered down from $89-$93 billion to $84 billion. 

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