Indian Railway Will Follow The Rules Of Airport For Security Concern


Passengers Need To Require the Train Station 20 Minutes Before Departure As New Rule Of Indian Railway

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Indian Railway will now follow some rule of airports due to the concern over safety. Indian Railway is worried about the safety in Railway stations. Safety facilities are available on big Railway stations such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai etc. 

According to Indian Railway’s new rule, all passengers will need to required the train stations 20 minutes before the time of departure. Railway will complete the security checks in these 20 minutes. 

This plan has been implemented at Prayagraj. Railway took this decision regarding the Kumbh Mela. The security measures are running there. Indian Railway is planning to implement this plan in 202 Railway stations across the country. 

Railway will elect more security personnel on the stations. It will help to maintain the security at all Railway stations. Railway Station will be placed with permanent boundary walls along with collapsible gate to seal the complete station. 

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