Indian Army Once Again Make Us Proud By Killing 220 Terrorist In 2018


No One Can Make Us Feel Secure Except Our Indian Army- India’s Real Hero

The year 2018 has been extreme for psychological oppressors as the Indian Army was altogether outfitted to push them away. As indicated by reports, something like 220 psychological oppressors was executed by security powers in Jammu And Kashmir. This has been the most astounding since 2010.


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All because of these 81 bold officers who lost their lives to spare others.

As indicated by the figures incorporated by the distinctive organizations, out of the 220 psychological militants, 128 were local people, 43 nonnatives generally Pakistanis and 59 unidentified.


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The fear-based oppressors who were murdered to incorporate commandants of Hizbul Mujahideen. Him, as well as the most elevated number of fear mongers executed so far, were likewise from Hizbul Mujahideen. 57 Hizbul fear mongers which included 37 local people and 20 nonnatives were executed by our daring troopers. Indian Army was fruitful in slaughtering 32 Lashkar-e-Tioba psychological oppressors. Three (two local people one outsider) Jaish-e-Mohammad psychological militant was murdered while the Ansar Gazwat ul Hind’s five fear monger and Tehreek ul Mujhadeen’s four lost their lives in security forces’operations, 59 stayed unidentified.


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South Kashmir which has dependably been in news for dread experience saw the most elevated number of passings with 128 fear based oppressors being killed for this present year. Around 45 were murdered in north Kashmir and 47 others were killed close LOC.




In different activities against psychological militants, 81 security workforce including police have been martyred.

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“In the course of the last one and a half months, we have killed an extensive number of fear-based oppressors. The quantity of fear-based oppressors we are currently executing is substantially more than the number of individuals joining psychological warfare. They can’t support the rate at which they are being dispensed with,” told Brigadier Sachin Malik, Commander 2-segment Rashtriya Rifles situated in South Kashmir to DNA.


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This is the most noteworthy number since 2010 when 270 fear based oppressors were killed in the state. Be that as it may, in 2011, the figure had boiled down to 119 out of 2011 to 84 of every 2012 pursued by 100 of every 2013, 110 out of 2014, and 113 out of 2015.

Be that as it may, in 2016 the number had gone up by and by and 165 psychological oppressors were slaughtered in the year and the most recent year saw 209 fear mongers being killed by the security powers.


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The enrollment of local people have seen a spike lately and more than 150 youth have been enlisted into different dread gatherings this year and this number was 126 in a year ago and South Kashmir has seen youth getting into a fear exercises insubstantial number.


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