An IAS Officer works as a Relief Worker in Kerala but no one Realise that who is He


An IAS Officer gave us the lesson about humanity. He works as a volunteer without letting anyone know about his position.

We are altogether mindful of the catastrophe that Kerala experienced as of late with the death toll and property surpassing inconceivable numbers. Individuals from everywhere throughout the nation met up and contributed in the manner in which they could to the surge hit the state.

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Big names and authorities from everywhere throughout the nation additionally loaned out assistance.


In any case, in middle, all things considered, there was one individual who worked in the alleviation camps and gathering focuses as a volunteer without telling anybody of his actual character.


Kannan Gopinathan, An IAS Officer, the locale gatherer of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, purportedly took an individual leave from his business to turn out assist his state in the midst of need.


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The youthful official, who hails from the city of Kottayam ventured in to assist in the manner in which he could. As indicated by this report, he did a wide range of manual work and worked throughout the day.


IAS Officer
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As per this Twitter string, he even went in KSRTC transports and experienced 5 areas in 10 days as simply one more volunteer. Indeed, even his own family didn’t know about his essence in the state.


It was simply after the region gatherer of Ernakulum visited the help finances that he perceived the youthful nobleman. Notwithstanding when somebody doubted his character, he presented himself as an NGO laborer.


It reestablishes our confidence in humankind when there are individuals who carry out their activity and serve the country yet additionally assist as subjects when required.


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