Husain Saify- Founder Of “HackerKernel” With Turn Over Of 1 Crore


What’s the best answer to all the people who have bullied you?

You know what’s the best answer (and a f**k you) to every one of the general population who have harassed you? Go on and work so hard that they can’t resist the urge to be desirous of your prosperity.


Husain Saify
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As a matter of fact, I feel that harassing, for the most part, originates from a position of frailty, I mean, for what other reason would you be so pitiless to somebody for reasons unknown by any stretch of the imagination?


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Husain Saify

Husain Saify
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Husain Saify demonstrated everybody wrong by being more effective than a great many people, at simply the age of 21. He’s running an IT-benefit startup ‘HackerKernel’ and best of all, his organization has effectively traversed ₹1 crore in only three years.


Husain Saify organization fundamentally gives versatile and web application improvement administrations to more than 200 organizations both in India and abroad, including nations like the USA, Japan, and Dubai. So truly, he’s doing enormous things.


Everything began in Husain Saify ‘s room in Bhopal and wound up getting to be a standout amongst the best new businesses in Madhya Pradesh. Everything began when he got his first PC at 12 years old.


Beginning off by simply playing recreations, he built up his first site though, which was ‘what about making a site that enabled individuals to download amusements?’


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Husain Saify
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In the wake of increasing essential specialized information at school, he began visiting the nearby web bistro to learn considerably more. Furthermore, at that point, he figured out how to make his first site. Conversing with The Better India, he stated, “It was amusing in light of the fact that I had no clue how to make it inhabit the time.”


On his trip of turning into a web engineer, he poured all that he has in programming, learning PHP and javascript, to fabricate a shut informal community site utilizing PHP called Trendyfi.


In any case, soon, tech masters began trolling him by considering him the ‘child who had faltered into programming’. Be that as it may, he didn’t disappoint the trolling and tormenting moderate him.


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