Frustrated Google Pixel User Puts Up Banners To Get Phone Fixed


Google Fails In Getting His Pixel Phone Fixed

Image Source: Google

People do crazy things when they are mad at something. Right? Especially, if it comes to the matter of their mobile phone. A man did something really crazy when his phone was not working.

Manu Aggarwal, who is from Haryana got really angry when his Google Pixel stopped working. He thought of putting up posters in Delhi’s Connaught Place to grab everyone’s attention to this issue. He tried everything he could.

In fact, he even tagged Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Google CEO Sundar Pichai in his tweet.

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He wrote:

Manu’s wife gifted him the Google Pixel phone almost one year ago. He started to face some issues after a few days. Aggarwal says that the customer service charged him Rs 26,851 despite the phone was under warranty.

In fact, the mobile wasn’t even fixed properly and he continued to face problems. He got so exhausted that did every possible thing to get it fixed.

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The posters were put up in early 2018, but they are storming the internet now as people have started posting it on social media. Not just that, he put up a flex on his car roof and made a public service announcement about it as well. Reddit users are just hoping Google Pixel sorts this issue out soon.

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