British Girl And Italian Guy Fell In Love Through Google Translate


‘Google Translate’ Played A Major Role In This Love Story

google translate
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Love is in technology. Technology has soared really high. Hasn’t it? This statement is evident enough in this news. A British girl and an Italian Boy fell in love with the help of ‘Google Translate’. Isn’t that just adorable?

Chloe Smith, 23 and Daniele Marisco, 25, decided to remove the language barrier between them through Google Translate and now they are the cute love birds. 

Initially, the duo met at a night club in Ibiza two years ago and they are now madly in love with each other. Chloe said, “I made the first move and asked him for his number because I just found him so attractive.”

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google translate

The couple hanged out together and enjoyed themselves. They watched movies with subtitles to understand each other’s language more and more.

“There was something exciting about Daniele – the fact we couldn’t understand each other wasn’t a problem. We just clicked,” said Chloe. Both of them are really happy together.

 The Mail Online quoted Daniele saying, “We wanted to be together from the moment we met and that is why we worked. She helped me learn English and I have helped her learn how to cook Italian food.”

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