Fisherman Survives After Falling In Mid Sea


40-Year-Old Fisherman Miraculously Survives After Falling In Mid Sea, Swims 7 Hours For Life

One minute, 40-year-old Nagarajan Who is a fisherman by profession was perched without anyone else on a remote ocean trawler vessel that was coming back to the shore in the wake of angling.




The climate was harsh and the angler was clutching his seat.


The following minute, he was drifting in the ocean off the Kudla drift, the water diverting his unmoving body far from his pontoon and his partners.


The fisherman, Nagarajan didn’t freeze, he concentrated on keeping his hands and legs beating. What’s more, that is the way he lived to tell the story of a man who swam for seven hours and made it out alive.


Around 20 nautical miles (40km) off Panambur shoreline, 10km from Mangaluru, a UAE-bound shipper transport acted the hero.


It was around 10.30am on Thursday (August 16) when Nagarajan clearly passed out and fell into the ocean. He, obviously, has no memory of what happened.


The trawler was tipping on the water mid-ocean and the other anglers were roosted on their seats somewhere else.


It was simply following a decent thirty minutes that they understood Nagarajan was missing.


In spite of the fact that from Tamil Nadu, Nagarajan had settled in Mangaluru for more than 20 years and was working for Vasanth S Salian, a fish vendor, and vessel proprietor.


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When the news went out, the anglers activated 35 remote ocean angling watercraft and took off to look for the fisherman, Nagarajan. They returned with practically nothing following three hours.




There was no indication of Nagarajan; on the off chance that you don’t discover a man in the ocean in three hours, he is no more, goes an expression among fisherfolk.


Not long after in the wake of falling in, Nagarajan came to and wound up skimming, going where the current removed him – a long way from the trawler.


“He could see three vessels moving far from him. In spite of the fact that he attempted, he couldn’t draw their consideration,” Salian told TOI.


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Ocean animals were pricking his head and running along his body, however, Nagarajan continued beating his hands and legs in an urgent endeavor to spare himself.


“Nagarajan disclosed to me that a portion of the vessels returned following one-and-a-half hours with a would like to discover him.


Notwithstanding, the water streams along the west were solid that he had swum path more remote than they could envision,” Salian said.


Nagarajan was only a couple of kilometres from the save pontoons yet they didn’t spot him.


Determined, Nagarajan continued swimming and around 6 pm, saw a trader vessel passing the delivery paths off the west drift. They saved him and reached the New Mangalore Port specialist.




Chief SR Patnaik, representative conservator of the New Mangalore Port Trust said he took a stab at reaching the Coast Guard vessel to connect with Nagarajan.


Be that as it may, as the vessel was far away, he chose to educate and direct a passing trader transport, MT Pacific Lagoon, bearing a Liberian banner, to safeguard Nagarajan.


The ship was on the way Port Fujairah in the UAE.


Around 7 pm, as Salian was thinking about calling the cops, he got a call that Nagarajan had been safeguarded. Furthermore, that he was fine regardless of spending more than seven hours in the ocean.


Nagarajan left for the place where he grew up in Tamil Nadu on Sunday evening to meet his family after the marvellous escape.


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