A Fan Has Revealed A Secret About Jamie In The Last Season Of GOT!


Check Out Another Fact About Jamie Lannister In Game Of Thrones Season 8!

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Recently, Game of Thrones revealed 15 new pictures from the eighth and final season of the series. The fans got really excited post the release of the photos. They have been speculating and thinking about theories since then. Well, it was a spectacular teasing move! But the people will surely have to wait till April. A lot of people started guessing stuff but found nothing related to the end. However, A particular user who goes by the name @Chillravenart on Twitter found similarities between Jaime Lannister’s and Robb Stark’s armour.

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Both the breastplates look exactly the same. Don’t they? Well, it definitely means that Jamie has changed his side. How now fights for the North. Isn’t that thrilling? Where is Cersei? Is she dead? All the questions will have an answer after a couple of months.

Actually, it was kind of dropped at the end of season 7 when Jaime left King’s Landing on a horse without wearing his Lannister armour. The fans went crazy and started sharing the same on social media.

Take a look!

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