Delivery Boy Ate Food Before Delivering It To Customer


Food delivery Guy Eats The Food Of Customer Before Delivering It.

There’s an amusing scene in 2009 parody film De Dana Dan in which Rajpal Yadav who plays a server in a 5-star lodging eats the nourishment before conveying it to the visitors. Something like that happened as of late in China as a delivery Guy ate client’s sustenance while in transit to convey it.


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This occurred in a lift and the person was recorded by the CCTV camera. The person whose name isn’t out yet is seen opening the containers consistently and after that eating the sustenance.


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The video film has now circulated around the web on the Chinese online life and is getting a few responses. There are individuals who are bashing the person for his demonstration and there are other people who are feeling for him. As indicated by them, the person could be poor and hungry and that is the reason he did it.  Watch the video beneath



He was a representative of a prevalent natural pecking order delivery application in China Meituan and when they came to think about it, they let go of him quickly.


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Do you think the man should have been let go?

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