Biswajit Poddar From Kolkata Man Makes 4000 Posters To Express His Love


Biswajit Poddar From Kolkata Falls In Love With Girl He Met On A Train, Makes 4000 Posters and A Film To Impress Her!

Love influences a man to go daze and do some really insane things and this has been Bollywood subject since for eternity. Y’all without a doubt recollect the motion picture Saathiya, of how love blooms in a Mumbai nearby and they at last wind up eloping.


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Presently in a genuine occurrence fairly like that of Saathiya, a Kolkata man is doing whatever he can to charm the young lady he met on a neighbourhood prepare.

Just that, he has gone an indent above simply the stalking bit. Biswajit Poddar, an administration representative from Kolkata, has put a 6 km extend amongst Konnagar and Bali with 4000 publications to follow a young lady he saw on a neighbourhood prepare.

That is not all, he has additionally made a 7-minute film on a similar which is accessible on YouTube.

Now that is what being insane in adoration is called!

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Biswajit Poddar stated,

‘My loved ones think I am insane, however, I can’t resist. It was all consuming, instant adoration and I can’t get her crazy.

Biswajit, 29, is a representative with the state condition division in Salt Lake and is resident of Joka, Behala. The Romeo takes a prepare to Konnagar in the wake of completing his office obligations consistently and holds up at the station where the last observed the young lady he had always wanted.

Just to get a look at her! How Romantic!

He likewise was a similar shirt he had put on the day he saw her.

While this beyond any doubt appears to be absolutely unpleasant, Biswajit clears up saying,


“I have no aim of offending her or getting her into inconvenience. I am doing this with the goal that she can discover me and reach me on the off chance that she needs.”


As per him, the young lady boarded a similar prepare with her folks and sat down inverse to her.


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