Baba Ramdev Once Again Hit The Market With His New Launch “Sanskari Jeans”


Have You Ever Heard About Sanskari Jeans ??

Yoga master, Baba Ramdev, known for embracing everything “swadeshi” or indigenous, frequently loathing the westernization of Indian culture has propelled stand-out ‘sanskaari tore pants’.

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The pants which are torn sufficiently only to be ‘sanskaari’ is neither a millimeter less nor a millimeter more tore in order to keep the Indianness of people unblemished! Baba Ramdev who rose to prevalence for giving ayurvedic or homegrown answers for a plenty of human body issues had hit home with the gathering of people.

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Effectively accessible aloe-vera gel for skin sensitivities, amla juice for flushing out poisons, giloy vati for working up platelets was the ideal start for soon-to-end up a substantial business mark called ‘Patanjali’.

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While forming hand-woven pants into a business mark had effectively brought up numerous issues, a “sanskari tore pants” would before long hit the core of Delhi was amazing. The garments line of Patanjali is called ‘Patanjali Paridhan items’ and is not the slightest bit indigenous in its costs. A couple of pants and two shirts cost an incredible measure of Rs 7,000, however, were being sold at ä “ostensible cost” of Rs 1,100 amid the bubbly season, Baba Ramdev tweeted.


“Individuals are wearing torn pants nowadays. So a portion of our pants are tore, yet we haven’t worn them so much additionally in order to lose our Indian-ness and our qualities,” Ramdev was cited as saying at the dispatch on the propitious event of Dhanteras, The Print announced.

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Before long, the web was loaded up with twitter responses where individuals said that Patanjali had even removed Tommy Hilfiger pants when it came to over the top costs. Some even posted an old video of the Baba where he could be seen ridiculing the western item saying,

“Yahan itni garmi hoti hai, pants pehen ne ki zaroorat kya hai. Vo bhi yeh let kar pehen ni padhti hai kyunki itni tight hoti hai.” (It is so hot here for what reason do individuals need to wear pants? Furthermore, you need to rests with the end goal to wear it since it is so tight)


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Many addressed what does the brand name by ‘sanskaari pants’? They presumed that Patanjali too had wandered into business and this was only a technique to trap the Indian nationals.


The 4,000 sq. ft rich showroom in capital’s Netaji Subhash Place is putting forth everything from saffron-hued ‘langots’ to vests made of bamboo fiber. The chain has been expanded into three classifications and all attire and embellishments will be sold under the brand names-LiveFit, Aastha and Sanskar.


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“India and Indian qualities (sanskar) with the dignity of home-generation (swadeshi) – this is Patanjali’s character. We perceive and regard our way of life and customs,” Ramdev allegedly said.


The items’ objective purchaser is ladies, especially housewives. What’s more, he guaranteed that the clothes were evaluated at such a moderate cost, to the point that men who don’t acquire much could likewise buy it for their spouses.






This is, in any case, not the finish of purported ‘indigenization’ of every single outside item. Patanjali likewise has plans to enter the kitchen area with bundled drinking water, drain and drain items, and clean napkins. The inquiry that remaining parts is this: Are Indians prepared to purge their pockets for a similar sum for a ‘sanskaari tore’ pants rather than worldwide brands like Levi’s, Zara and other outside brands which have invested years renovating their items to suit the Indian needs?

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