Astik Kumar Pandey- A Collector Of Akola District Cleans The Dirty Wall On His Surprise Visit To PWD Office


Have U Ever Clean The Area Near Your House?

We regularly accuse the general population in control for the current issues in our nation. Be that as it may, how regularly do we ourselves approach to do the needful? Infrequently, would it say it isn’t?

We are dependably up for a discussion and a stage ahead in rebuking our administration for each and every reason, except do we play out our bit as a native? Severe however evident: Most of us don’t!


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We need clean streets, yet would toss trash on lanes, shorelines and so on. That is the twofold measures we live with. Be that as it may, an ongoing news is simply winning our hearts and rousing us to do what we have been shying ceaselessly for our entire lives.


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Astik Kumar Pandey Did Something Which Is Absolutely Surprising

A Collector of Akola region of Maharastra paid an unexpected visit to the Public Works Department (PWD) office of Akola. Astik Kumar Pandey, the authority discovered that the dividers of the workplace were shower painted by spitting Gutkha. Furthermore, what he did next was absolutely surprising.


Astik Kumar Pandey considered the staff to present to him a pail of water and a bit of material. He then himself wiped off the stains of Paan and Gutkha from the dividers.


Disgraced by this, the staff guaranteed him that they will tidy up the dividers. In the wake of getting the affirmation, the authority quit cleaning.


astik kumar pandey
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A neighbourhood TV Channel circulated the recording of the same.


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Astik Kumar Pandey did not stop in the wake of wiping the dividers. He at that point assessed different offices. He saw spider webs in a single corner, so he got the sweeper to expel them.


This isn’t the main time that Astik Kumar Pandey has taken up the tidiness drive. He has already likewise been into neatness drives where he himself got into the earth to clean the stream.


The staff in the workplace more likely than not adapted some life exercises after this rate. Thus should we!


Why sit tight for others to bring a change, when we can be the change producers.?


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