Army Aspirants Sleep On Roads Due To Poor Accommodation Conditions


The Candidates Came For A Territorial Army Drive

Army Aspirants Sleep On Roads Due To Poor Accomodation Conditions
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Recently, a recruitment drive was conducted by the Territorial Army and there were no proper infrastructural facilities available to accommodate the candidates. The individuals came there to get a place in the employment sector. Therefore, the candidates of the recruitment drive were forced to sleep on pavements.

According to a report by ANI, most of these individuals came from poor families due to which they couldn’t afford a stay in the hotel. But, such a tiny problem didn’t become a barrier for these aspirants.



An aspirant Laxman Singh said, “We are staying here for last 2-3 days, there are no basic facilities available. We are facing many problems but we can do anything to get into the Army.”


A candidate named Akhilesh who came from Maharashtra along with his friends, said, “We can do anything for getting into the Army. We will face all odds but our aim is to get into the army.”



They will do anything to get into the Army. All of them are hoping that once they get there, all problems will be finished and they will be treated properly. But that does not happen. Does it? As three years ago, a Border Security Force soldier Tej Bahadur Yadav shared a video on social media about the poor quality of food served to the soldiers in the border areas.
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