Do You Know The Number Of Days You Have To Work To Buy An iPhone?


Need To Buy An iPhone? Here’s How Many Days You Have To Work To Afford It In These Countries

Who wouldn’t like to possess an iPhone? Or on the other hand at the end of the day, it’s a fantasy of numerous to purchase an iPhone as not every one of us can bear the cost of it because of high costs.



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Obviously, Apple iPhones still control the market paying little respect to the way that there are numerous different organizations which are putting forth great highlights at an impressively low cost in contrast with iPhones.


The fever of iPhone is always on an accent and it’s without a doubt astounding that a few people go to any degree to get one. How might we overlook the mainstream joke in India, ‘It costs a kidney to purchase an iPhone’?




An iPhone is for sure a grown-up toy and is among the simple couple of things which itself talk around a person’s class. Various individuals wouldn’t fret spending an enormous total to gain that status and the same is the reason that iPhone’s market is growing regardless of the high as can be fetched.


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In India, the cost of the fundamental model of Apple iPhone X is between Rs. 89,000 and Rs. 1,02,000. As its reasonableness involves concern, a Swiss money related administrations organization named UBS has completed a remarkable research with respect to the number of days an individual will be required to work for acquiring an iPhone.


For this, they have thought about the normal pay in various nations and here is the outcome:

1. Zurich – 4.7 Working Days

2. New York – 6.7 Working Days

3. Auckland – 8.6 Working Days

4. Hong Kong – 9.4 Working Days

5. Munich – 10.1 Working Days

6. London – 11.3 Working Days

7. Helsinki – 11.8 Working Days

8. Tel Aviv – 12.7 Working Days

9. Dubai – 13.4 Working Days

10. Panama City – 18.7 Working Days

11. Johannesburg – 36.4 Working Days

12. Moscow – 37.3 Working Days

13. Beijing – 39.3 Working Days

14. Lima – 48.2 Working Days

15. Nairobi – 72.2 Working Days

16. Lagos – 133.3 Working Days

This exploration isn’t tied in with managing an iPhone yet, in addition, offers a relative investigation of the living expense in various corners of the world. Tragically, India has not made it to the rundown.


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