Ahad, 11-Year-Old-Boy Files Petition To Ban The Online Game PUBG


An 11-Year-Old Boy Ahad Asked The Bombay Court To Ban PUBG


Ahad, 11-Year-Old-Boy Files Petition To Ban PUBG
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PUBG has brought a new era with it. People are going crazy for the online shooting game. Especially, the youngsters are getting affected mentally. A lot of violent cases came forward due to the addiction to the game. However, there are several people who are really negative towards the game, citing that the game brings more and more aggression in the players.
Recently, Ahad Nizam, an eleven-year-old boy asked the Bombay Court to ban PUBG. He filed the public interest litigation through his mother. According to reports, the boy sent out a letter claiming that the game has violence, abusive words and is not right for children. He wrote this letter when he himself observed the disadvantages of the game.
Ahad, 11-Year-Old-Boy Files Petition To Ban PUBG
Ahad said that he played the game for a few days after which he started feeling low and negative. The petitioner’s lawyer, Tanveer Nizam said, “The petition has also sought a direction to the central government to form an Online Ethics Review Committee for periodical checking of such violence-oriented online content.”
A similar request was made to the Jammu and Kashmir Governor after a fitness trainer lost his mental balance because of playing the game.
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