A Cryptocurrency CEO Died With Knowing The Password To $190 Million Money


Cotten Was The Only One Who Knew The Password Which Holds $190 Million Of Customer Money Locked In Cryptocurrency

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Have you seen some thrilling stories in real life when someone dies and the important secrets also remain unsolved with death? Well, in real life we rarely see such stories but in the films, we saw this kind of scenes. The Ceo of Canadian Cryptocurrency Company died in India and the password also remained as the secret with him. Gerald Cotten was the founder of Quadriga CX which is a cryptocurrency company and money exchange platform. He died in India while trying to open an orphanage for kids.

The most unfortunate thing happened later that he was the only one who knew the password which holds $190 million of customer money locked in cryptocurrency. The password is also gone with Gerald Cotten.

Now the biggest problem is for the company that a whopping $190 million of investor money locked into cryptocurrency. His wife Jennifer Robertson and QuadrivaCX filed for credit protection in Canada after knowing the death of Gerald Cotten. He was suffering from Crohn’s disease.

Few online forums are saying something bizarre that Cotten is alive and he has run away with the money. It requires an investigation and that’s not the priority. It’s better to hack the password or do something else. 

QuadrigaCX said, “it couldn’t access the encrypted account of Cotten which held all the company assets and $190 million in cryptocurrency cash.”

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